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Welcome to Parsons ADL

Over 30 years as a Canadian manufacturer of home health care products

Our commitment to customer service has made Parsons ADL Inc. a leader in the home health care field. Many of our innovative products are designed, manufactured and assembled on site with strict quality control guidelines.

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Together with our network of over 800 dealers and distributors across Canada, the USA, Europe and New Zealand, we are your source for a wide array of daily living aids to assist you in all your activities.

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Featured Healthcare Products

Product # 16K107

A useful pack, including three devices designed for enhanced grip and anti-slip in the home. Everything you need to assist in opening bottles, jars and pill containers of all shapes and sizes.

Product # 16C033

A user friendly cup holder for use while in a wheelchair. Ideal for those with limited hand function. Fastens securely to your wheelchair with little chance of it being knocked off. Easy to use.

Clearance Products

Product # 19N240-24

Provides immediate cushioning support and moisture control for various areas of the body. Comes in various sizes.

Product # 16L087

This apron is designed for active people who want to keep their clothes clean while participating in their hobbies such as potting flowers, cooking, etc. There are short cotton sleeves and a tie string to keep it in place.

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Latest News

May 1st, 2020

Parsons ADL Inc is proud to be a corporate partner to the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists since 2016..