Leisure and Communications

Product # 16L014

Varnished hardwood rack 10" (25cm) long, holds 2 rows of cards, no slip rubber feet. Nice to look at and use.

Product # 16L105A

The small pocket-sized stand can fold and is a very convenient portable solution for enjoying apps or videos anywhere. It can support all 4-10 inch tablets and smartphones and easily adjusts viewing angles for comfortable use

Product # 16L403A

These cards have extra large 1.25 in (3.2 cm) numbers and letters. Excellent for players with poor vision. Linen finish for strong, water-resistant cards that are easy to grip.

Product # 16L004A

Safety grab bar ideal for all outdoor areas - provides additional safety entering and leaving the house especially for those who may be unsteady and would benefit from a little extra help.

Product # 16L087

This apron is designed for active people who want to keep their clothes clean while participating in their hobbies such as potting flowers, cooking, etc. There are short cotton sleeves and a tie string to keep it in place.

Product # 16L411A

The Pathfinder Wall Panel is great for visual tracking, fine and gross motor dexterity, eye-hand coordination and developing sensory motor skills. Decorative and fun with no loose pieces. It is great for group homes, etc.

Product # 16L012A

Slotted clear plastic holder keeps playing cards at an angle to improve visibility and provide hands free viewing. Will also hold recipes or memos. 10" (25cm) long.

Product # 16L201A

This smoker's bib is made of a soft cloth that is fire-retardent. The cloth is inherently flame resistant ensuring a high level of protection against fire risks. It does not melt or form molten droplets.**Colours may vary.**