Product # 15E140A


This high quality latex exercise band has been used by clinics and individuals for over 20 years. Cando band is used for rehabilitation, conditioning and training. It is highly effective when used alone, or with the vast selection of accessories. All exercise bands are lightweight, take up minimal room and are highly portable. This 5-inch wide Low-Powder Formulation is the most cost-effective band exerciser. There are progressive levels of resistance to accommodate the lightest to heaviest exercise therapy.

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This Low-Powder (LP) tubing is made from high quality rubber, with all the stretch characteristics of Cando? Band. It is used for rehabilitation, conditioning and especially personal training.

This inflatable wedge is used as a posture correcting seat cushion or a lumbar support to encourage proper alignment. One side is smooth; the other side has sensory points.

An inexpensive range of motion exerciser. Easily mounted onto door tops and has rubber feet to protect door surfaces when pulley is being used. Two comfortable handles and 8 ft (2.4m) length of braided rope.