Product # 16D031A


A unique product from Finland. A nylon sheath with a built-in plastic foot slide to facilitate the donning of COMPRESSION stocking hose or other types of stockings. Simply place the Respecta Stocking Aid into the sock, drop it to the floor, slide your foot into the nylon sheath and pull upwards with the built-in strings until the stocking aid releases from the stocking.


May We Suggest

Women of all ages with upper limb restrictions may find it difficult to put on a brassiere independently. The simple-to-use Bra-Angel holds one end of the brassiere securely while the other end is brought around the body.

Designed to take the struggle and bending out of putting on compression stockings. Made of steel with smooth plastic coating. Convenient handles greatly assist in pulling the stocking up.

Helps you put on your socks quickly and easily. Easiest and fastest sock tool on the market. Extra-long handle with ribbed thumb grips and ergonomic hand contour. Doesn’t stretch out socks.

Slits in the plastic core allow bending around the heel. Blue nylon inside reduces friction and outside terry covering holds the sock or stocking firmly until it is on. Two pulling straps with hand loops permit one handed use