Product # 16B420A


HI, LO, AND TILT- Incorporates all the ergonomical advantages of the Amfibi basic model 16B400A plus offers a gas operated variable height and tilt function. Tilt includes a neck support that is adjustable in height and from side to side for comfortable support. The chair can be inclined 5 forward to 25 backward. The forward tilt position makes sitting and standing easier and opens the pelvis. The rearward tilt position is of great assistance during bathing and hair washing and promotes a pleasant sitting position posture. External width: 23 in (58 cm). Width between armrests: 18.5 in (46 cm). Seat height range: 21 to 26.5 in (53 to 66 cm). Seat depth: 18 in (45 cm). Max. user weight: 330 lbs (150 kg). Unit weighs 63.2 lbs (28.7 kg).

May We Suggest

Developed and manufactured in Sweden. The design centers on the ergonomic and economic aspects of its users. These chairs can be quickly adapted to suit the needs of every individual and situation.

Includes a large handle for easy handling.

Provides seating comfort especially for smaller individuals.

Hygienic recess for increased patient comfort. Fits Amfibi Basic Manual Hygiene Chair 16B400A.