Product # 16C138M


Padded belts provide extra comfort and protection when using a belt in a wheelchair. These belts have adjustable foam pads on both sides of the buckle for improved "wearability", which helps provide good hip alignment. The pads are attached with hook & loop making them adjustable for maximum comfort and the resilient foam conforms to the shape of the person's hips. The foam pads are 9.75" x 3.75" (25 x 9cm) each. All styles are 2" (5cm) webbing with fastening tabs, for mounting to the wheelchair. When the position has been set, keeping the belt in place can be difficult: thrusting, wiggling, or sliding can cause the belt to shift. The four-point design solves this problem, with secondary straps to keep the belt securely in place., the four-point design is ideal for people with Anterior Pelvic Tilt, Pelvic Rotation & Thrusting. Available in three lengths:  small 36" - 50" (91.5 to 127 cm), medium 48" - 63" (122 to 160 cm) and large 60" - 75" (152.5 to 190.5 cm).