Product # 16M116A


Monitors the movement of Alzheimer or dementia patients. The system has two components: a motion detector which plugs directly into an outlet or uses a 9V battery (sold separately), and a wireless remote alarm which uses 3 AA batteries (sold separately). Set the alarm down or carry it with you. When someone wanders within 15 feet of the detector, the alarm sounds alerting the caregiver of an unwanted wanderer or trespasser. The detector does not sound eliminating the risk of the patient becoming agitated. The alarm works from 1 in to 120 feet away from the detector. Note: Warranty on alarms is SIX MONTHS.

May We Suggest

This belt system provides staff with an extra margin of safety for those more active wheelchair patients. The alarm sounds when the hook and loop is released to the blue area on the belt.

FreedomAlert allows you to call family and friends, as well as 911. It is the world's first programmable two-way voice pendant communicator with no monthly fees.

Replacement magnetic pull cord for 16M101A Magnetic Alarm.

This motion-activated, infrared alarm requires no tools or wires and installs in seconds. Its many uses include: outside use to detect unwanted intruders, or inside use to monitor the wanderings of loved ones.