Product # 16T013


A standard size spoon with a gray protective coating on the bowl to help prevent injury to teeth and lips. Regular product inspection for wear is recommended. Discolouration may occur on the spoons but will not affect the quality of the coating. Hand washing will prolong the life of the coating, however, the spoon may be washed in a household type dishwasher. Note: Institutional dishwasher use is NOT RECOMMENDED. High heat and harsh detergents will damage the vinyl coating. Also available: 16T012 Regular Teaspoon and 16T014 Soupspoon. Note: Six month warranty on this teaspoon.

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May We Suggest

A vinyl covered clip-on contoured handle fits over the back of the hand and holds a spoon securely. This handle may be rebent to fit individual hands. An excellent eating aid for persons having difficulty grasping or holding.

The convalescent cup has a lid with a mouth piece, which has a hole large enough to accommodate a straw. Opposite the mouth piece there is a small air inlet hole in the lid.

A colourful clothing protector made from a polyurethane laminate (a lightweight polyester knit fabric bonded to a waterproof thermoplastic urethane) 73% polyester and 27% polyurethane which stretches and is breathable.

A stainless steel combination spoon and fork, ideal for one handed feeding, mounted on our large Comfort Grip.