Product # 16T141-3

CLEAR NOSEY CUP 12 oz (354 ml)

The rim on our clear Nosey Cup has been designed so a person can drink without tipping their head back to drain the glass. It can be tipped beyond the point where a normal cup would hit the bridge of your nose. Designed for people with limited neck movement, a bed patient or in a wheelchair with a headrest. Also available in 4 and 8 oz (118 and 236 ml) versions.


May We Suggest

A vinyl covered hand strap fits over the back of the hand and holds a spoon or fork securely. Strap may be rebent to fit individual hands. An excellent eating aid for persons having difficulty grasping or holding utensils.

For adults and children with tremors, limited coordination and or upper extremity weakness. The lid covers approximately 2/3 of the spoon bowl, keeping food on the utensil and limiting the amount of spillage.

Our deluxe tableware set is designed for complete mealtime independence. Includes utensils with comfort grips, double handled mug with mouth piece lid, divided dinner plate and non-slip place mat.

Clear plastic food bumper easily snaps onto most dinner plates to aid with independent eating. It fits securely and is easy to clean. Fits a plate size 9 to 11 inch (23 to 28 cm).