Product # 19N229A


For use with the different sizes of 19N229 VENTOPEDIC ABDOMINAL BINDER with moisture control to add extra support below or above the abdominal area. This thick elastic support band measures 6 x 30 in (15.2 x 76.2 cm). Strips of Velcro loop at both ends serve to fasten to Abdominal Binder. Latex Free.

May We Suggest

Product is designed to maximize compression and support around abdomen area, while effectively controlling the level of humidity. It will extract moisture from the skin and will not allow it to absorb into the fabric.

Cushions are 1.25" (3.2cm) thick and may be folded for extra cushioning support. Provides immediate cushioning support and moisture control for various body areas.

Product provides immediate moisture control as well as cushioning support between knees. Adjustable straps are soft against the skin. Latex Free. Standard Size.

The Three-dimensional structure inside each Ventopedic product allows for air circulation to provide immediate moisture control as well as cushioning support. This kit includes seven of our most popular Ventopedic products.