Product # 19N246M


Recommended for the treatment of contracted hand. The 3-dimensional air flow ventilation allows heat and moisture to escape, allowing skin to stay dry and comfortable. An ideal product to prevent tube pulling, scratching or other undesired behaviour. Provides immediate cushioning support around the hand. Machine washable and dryable. Available in three sizes. Fits Left or Right hand. To see a demonstration of this product, please click on the Link below.


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This personal alarm features a Piercing Sonic Alarm (up to 130 dB) and a dual-LED Bright White Flashlight. Can be worn around the neck or clipped onto a purse or a belt. Replaceable batteries included.

A universal design makes "Good Grips" easy for everyone to use. Good Grips are everything that an everyday tool should be. They're comfortable, they're usable and functional. Soft rubber grips, that won't slip, even when wet.

Product has a carrot structure which will prevent the hand from closing completely thereby improving flexion contractures inside the hand. Ventopedic products are designed to effectively draw moisture away from the skin.