Product # 16C073-16


A leg rest strap is designed to wrap around the frame of your wheelchair to keep your feet from swinging back under the chair. Made of heavy duty 2 (5 cm) black webbing for added support on which to rest your feet. Available in four different lengths: 14 in (35.5 cm), 16 in (40.5 cm), 18 in (46 cm) and 20 in (50.5 cm). Attaches with velcro.

May We Suggest

Lightweight aluminum construction with blue plastic housing, yellow rubberized gripping jaws and a yellow ergonomically designed rubber trigger that is operated with the whole hand requiring less strength.

An easy way to add two inches to most doorways allowing access to wheelchairs and walkers. Installs easily and uses the same screws and holes already in your door frame. Sold individually.

A soft webbing belt 2" wide by 60" long (5 x 153cm) with a nylon side release buckle and two handle loops to assist the therapist when training patients to walk again

A very handy carry-all pouch, especially for sport chairs which do not have arm rests on which a pouch can hang. More secure than back pack for holding valuables. Velcro straps attach the pouch to the chair frame.