Product # 16C037-6


Pack of SIX replacement ashtray tubes which fit items 16C036 and 16C036-1. Length 36 in (91 cm). Inside diameter 3/16 in (0.5cm), outside diameter 5/16 in (0.8cm). Sold sold individually - see 16C037.

May We Suggest

The Sidekik attaches with a hook & loop strap to a wheelchair armrest. It offers a handy pocket for small items, such as eye glasses or cell phone, as well as a cup holder. For the Right side see 16C180R.

The ultimate in wheelchair smoking safety. The cigarette is always held over the ashtray and the smoker uses the tube with mouth piece to smoke. Even if the smoker falls asleep the cigarette is always in the ashtray.

This smoker's bib is made of a soft cloth that is fire-retardent. The cloth is inherently flame resistant ensuring a high level of protection against fire risks. It does not melt or form molten droplets.**Colours may vary.**