Product # 16K107

Tenura Kitchen Pack : Round Mat, Jar opener and bottle opener

A useful pack, including three devices designed for enhanced grip and anti-slip in the home. Everything you need to assist in opening bottles, jars and pill containers of all shapes and sizes, as well as assist in gripping cupboard handles and doorknobs. The bottle and jar openers can be used with one hand using this 7.5 in (19 cm) round mat on the base of the jar or bottle. Includes red mat, blue jar opener and yellow bottle opener. Latex free and adhesive free. Do not use when wet. Dishwasher safe.

Tenura is a range of anti-slip and grip products for the home and for clinical uses. Unlike other non-slip products, this range is made entirely from silicone rubber, a material that is nontoxic and chemically inert. It is fully washable and autoclave safe up to 480°F. All of the Tenura Silicone products are antimicrobial providing continuous built-in protection against a wide range of bacteria including MRSA, E.coli and Klebsiella. Also protects against mold and fungi.


  • ·Provides firm grip and hold
  • ·Non-toxic and chemically inert
  • ·Phthalate plasticizer free
  • ·Autoclave safe to 480°F
  • ·Fully washable and long lasting
  •  New Arrivals


May We Suggest

Available on a roll, the white self adhesive strips designed for wet areas can be applied to bathtubs, shower trays, floors and any surface that is frequently wet. It is used to provide grip, particularly for bare feet.

Tenura jar and bottle openers are designed to fit a variety of sizes and provide an enveloping area of traction and the firm grip and hold needed to assist in turning the most stubborn tight screw fit caps and lids.

The Tenura non-slip material reels offers a DIY alternative to the manufactured range and provide numerous solutions to anti-slip issues. The material is very flexible and the malleable sheet can be cut to size.

Tenura mats can also be used in any environment to provide firm grip and hold for objects such as plates, cups, cutlery, bowls and cutting boards, mobile phones, computers, tools and games – these mats can be used on tables,