Product # 16H159


Makes Door Closing Easy / For People With Mobility Challenges

Helps you easily reach for the handle to close a door / Ergonomic, durable and easy to install / Made in Canada

The T-Pull Door Closer is a great device for people in wheelchairs as well as anyone using crutches. With the Door Closer, closing doors becomes a simple task. Made of sturdy black ABS plastic to hold up well in cold, heat, humidity and more. Easy to install just peel off the back and adhere to the door or use the two screws provided for added strength. Measures 7.75 inches (19.7 cm) in overall length. Tucks away when not in use. Made in Canada.

Do not use as a support handle for transfer or stability. Not tested on glass or fire doors.

Directions for installation

  •  New Arrivals



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