Product # 16C086P


A leg rest strap is designed to wrap around the frame of your wheelchair to keep your feet from swinging back under the chair. Extra comfort is provided with a (1.3 cm) thick and 7.5 (19 cm) wide vinyl covered foam pad. The pad is attached to an H-strap with hook & loop, and can be removed for easy cleaning. The pad length varies depending on the H-strap length. Comes in three different lengths: 16, 18 & 20 in (40.5, 46 & 50.5 cm).

May We Suggest

This two piece 72" (183cm) positioning strap with automotive buckle has mounting grommets in the ends of the straps. The belt can be installed by removing a screw on the back of the chair.

Features webbing fully encapsulated in Biothane antibacterial coating. Buckles are RF-welded to ensure that bacteria cannot be trapped in stitches. Waterproof, able to withstand sweat, blood-borne pathogens and bodily fluids.

Discreet dining experience with our attractive, light gray, soft built-up handle utensils. Non-slip for easy grasp and hold. The shaft design on the spoons and fork allow the utensils to be bent for left or right angles.

These bicycle style push gloves have a sporty appearance. Just the thing to go with a new sports chair. The open mesh back allows good ventilation. The palms have a padded area for durability and a no slip grip.