Product # 14A089


A dual purpose product, use the waterproof nylon slide side to allow easy positioning when entering or exiting an automobile the non-slip base ensures the Slide Buddy stays in place; turn the Slide Buddy over and the non-slip covering holds the client in place while the slippery nylon and multiple hand holds allows for the easy transfer from bed or sofa. Slide Buddy measures 30" x 35" (76 x 89cm) with 6 convenient hand holds.


May We Suggest

Designed to reduce the risk of pressure sores, bumps and bruises for the bed ridden patient. These pads are made of 1 inch (2.54 cm) thick flame retardant foam, covered in anti-microbial, flame retardant vinyl.

Glide and Lock sheets are very useful positioning devices. They move in one direction but not the other. The bottom surface is covered with an anti-slip material. Useful to adjust the position of a person.

GLIDE SHEETS These Glide Sheets are handy tools to reduce the strain of moving patients. Both the patient and the care giver benefit. The outer cover is our waterproof, breathable Bucktex. The inner surface is slippery nylon.

Constructed from lightweight but durable coated nylon, this sheet allows an easy glide between two surfaces thus reducing friction for the patient and making transfers and positioning easier for the caregiver. 30" X 62".