Product # 16G056A


The Hair Washer extends the reach of the arms and replaces the fingers during shampooing. Design has been tested to ensure that it reaches and massages all of the scalp.

May We Suggest

The Beauty Body Wash cloth has a detachable washcloth which makes it easy to clean. Part of the RFSU Beauty line of accessories which are carefully balanced to give full action power with minimum stress on joints and muscles.

The Beauty Comb is available in two lengths. Note that the comb section itself is curved to follow the shape of the head. This means that you can hold the handle close to your body without losing strength or reach.

The Beauty Hairbrush comes in two lengths. Choose whichever is more suitable for the range of movement in your shoulders and arms.

Inflatable shampoo basin makes it possible to wash a person's hair without removing them from bed. The patient's neck and shoulders are cushioned in the inflatable rings. Handy for home or institutional use.