Product # 16H041

REACHER - 32 in (81 cm)

One of our most popular models, this lightweight aluminum reacher weighs only 210 grams (8oz). It has a magnetic tip for picking up pins, coins, etc. Rustproof and waterproof.



May We Suggest

Lightweight aluminum construction with blue plastic housing, yellow rubberized gripping jaws and a yellow ergonomically designed rubber trigger that is operated with the whole hand requiring less strength.

An easy way to add two inches to most doorways allowing access to wheelchairs and walkers. Installs easily and uses the same screws and holes already in your door frame. Sold individually.

This kit provides large plastic finger loops and the necessary screws to assemble handles on two keys. Suited for people with limited manual dexterity or finger strength. 2 pair per pkg. NOW EXPANDABLE TO 3/8" TO ACCOMMODATE

Adds inches to arm length, so picking up objects doesn\'t have to include stretching and bending. Ideal for people with limited hand strength-lightweight reacher features an ergonomically designed trigger.