Product # 16H197A


This double bedrail has a safety rail on each side of the bed. It fits a single mattress up to 40" (102 cm) wide. The chrome side rails telescope from 48" to 72" (122 to 183 cm) long. Rails can be lowered independently for easy access to the patient or bed making.The rails are lowered via spring loaded release buttons. No tools required. The measurement from the side bar (which goes between the box spring and the mattress) to the top of the side rails will give a height of 7 to 14.5 in (17.8 to 37 cm).

May We Suggest

The Bed Assist Rail was designed for safety and to give added support when getting in and out of a bed. The base of the rail installs between the mattress and box spring and is secured with a heavy duty adjustable strap.

A safe option for use on most 4 in (10 cm) tiles. The hand telescopes from 15 - 18 in (37 - 45 cm) to fit almost all tile configurations. High quality 3.7 in (9 cm)rubber suction cups provide a very strong hold.

The Home Style ArcoRail fits queen, double, single and twin beds with angle iron frames.It allows you to get out of bed and stand safely. The handle pivots 360 degrees and locks in four positions for an excellent support.

A soft transfer device that conforms to the shape of the seat and swivels with ease. The 19 3/4" (41cm) diameter cushion provides an excellent seating alternative when getting in and out of an automobile is difficult.