Product # 16H254A


Sitting up in bed just became easier! - The SuperTrapezeT is a more affordable alternative to conventional trapeze systems and includes the benefit of the SuperPoleT for standing assistance. Features our unique "e2"T handle with two separate rails, similar to rungs of a ladder to better use arm strength to "climb up" to a seated position. Handle size 12" X 12" (30 X 30 cm.) 150 lbs. (68 kg.) can be suspended on handle.


May We Suggest

An adjustable height version of the Devon MkII rail, which is mounted on a floor fixing post for versatility in positioning. The post measuring 44 in (111.8 cm) in height is welded to a 10 x 6 in floor plate.

Our most popular SuperPoleT accessory! Imagine transferring with a secure support rail always in front of you - that's our SuperBarT. Pull sideward on the SuperBarT to help you stand.

Need a little extra help with standing or transferring safely? The SuperPole System is an award winning modular support system designed for those requiring assistance for standing, transferring, or moving in bed.

Uni-Fit Extension increases height range of SuperPole (16H250A) from 8 to 10 ft (244 to 305 cm.). Note: Will not work if you have the Super Trapeze (16H254A) installed on the SuperPole.