Product # 14A062


This soft transfer swivel disc is covered in an anti-slip material on both sides. It is designed for use as a disc for standing transfers, especially if the patient has tender feet, or is in stocking or slippered feet. Wearing shoes on it will not harm it either. It can also be used as a swivel cushion for sitting on. It is light weight, thus very portable and because it is flexible it can be easily carried in a suitcase etc. 15 1/2" (39 cm) dia. Weight capacity 350 lb. (160 kg.)

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Reduce caregiver injuries - Safe and secure patient transfer - Reduces risk of patient falling. The EZ Turn Disc provides a safe and easy patient transfer from one seated position to another.

Parsons ADL's own "Soft Top" Transfer Discs incorporate a 1/8" (0.3cm) soft but durable neoprene, non slip pad top and bottom to ensure user comfort in either socks or bare feet. Rotating action similar to a "Lazy Susan".

A soft transfer device that conforms to the shape of the seat and swivels with ease. The 16" (40cm) diameter cushion provides an excellent seating alternative when getting in and out of an automobile.