Product # 16L201A


This smoker's bib is made of a soft cloth that is fire-retardent. The cloth is inherently flame resistant ensuring a high level of protection against fire risks. It does not melt or form molten droplets. It is colour fast and machine washable. Size 24" x 36" (61cm x 91cm). Denim lue Nomex material blended with 25% viscose; especially made for its high fire resistance. Finished with white trim. Attaches with tie strings. ** Please note: colour of fabric may vary.**

NOTE: The intent of this bib is not to allow smokers to be left unattended. Remember ashes can also land on the floor, in a chair or on other unprotected areas. While the cloth will not burn, heat will be transmitted through it, which could give the user a burn.

Care instructions: Hand wash 60C, Tumble dry 60C, Dry cleanable.

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