Product # 16M010


If someone you know has to take a lot of medication and possibly their memory is not too good, then this watch is the answer. In the world of medicine, compliance refers to taking prescribed medications, at the prescribed times. Not complying with medication schedules is dangerous and costly, both in dollars and in lives. Over 28% of admissions to hospitals for people over 65 will be due to non-compliance. This watch's features are easy to set and use. Time and date display in large type. Up to 12 medication reminders or medical memos per day. Medical alert Databank stores critical health information. It stores, Your Name and Phone Number, Medical Conditions (diabetic, pace maker, etc.), Allergies, List of Medications, Doctor's Name & Phone, Blood Type, Date of Birth, Health Insurance Number, Private Health Insurance Company, and more. Not only useful for the patient but also for caregivers, teachers and all responsible for medication compliance.




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This pouch is water resistant and can safely hold two Epinephrine Penís in order to protect them against water, dust, dirt and sand. Features a zipper closure and an adjustable strap which can be worn around the waist.