Product # 16M055A


A versatile bright light therapy system to help ease seasonal mood swings and winter depression. The Day-Light emits 10,000 lux of light intensity- the dosage recommended by light experts. The Day-Light light system is lightweight and versatile. It can be used with or without the legs, or wall mounted. The Day-Light is not a medical device, consult your doctor before starting this therapy. Size: 12.5 x 16 x 3 in (32 x 41 x 8 cm).


May We Suggest

Replacement bulb for 16M055A Day Light Therapy Lamp. Package of 3.

This soft, pliable vinyl guide is shaped to fit around the eye, holding an eye drop bottle steady when applying medication. It also prevents blinking while applying eye drops. It is easily attached to any eye drop bottle.

This 2X magnifier has two viewing areas. The large 2X, general use area measures 4.25 in (11 cm) in diameter. The bifocal area is 1 in (2.5 cm) in diameter with 4X magnification.

This pouch is water resistant and can safely hold two Epinephrine Penís in order to protect them against water, dust, dirt and sand. Features a zipper closure and an adjustable strap which can be worn around the waist.