Product # 16T029


A stainless steel combination spoon and fork, ideal for one handed feeding. Also available with a RED grip for the visually impaired. Just add "RD" to the product code.

May We Suggest

Parsons soft handled utensils have large grips made of closed cell foam which will not absorb moisture. Light weight. Ideal for people with arthritis or tender hands and finger joints. Foam grip slides off for easy cleaning.

The original Inner Lip Plate. The inner lip holds food on the plate while the user brings the fork or spoon to the edge of the plate. Ideally suited for one handed persons.

This line of cutlery is designed for those afflicted with Parkinson's Disease or other illnesses that cause hand tremors. The average weight is 226 grams (8 oz). The handles are one inch in diameter and slightly tapered.

Parsons Comfort Grip straight cutlery has vinyl finger bump grips for excellent gripping and comfort. Each utensils weighs approximately 85 grams (3 oz). This set features high visibility RED handles.