Product # 16T143-1


Lid for Convalescent cup 16T143.


May We Suggest

The convalescent cup has a lid with a mouth piece, which has a hole large enough to accommodate a straw. Opposite the mouth piece there is a small air inlet hole in the lid.

The spout can be used for drinking, a straw can be inserted, or the spout can be sucked like a straw and the air hole can be used to regulate the flow. Institutional dishwasher safe.

This Easy Swallow Cup is designed for your natural swallowing reflex to help you swallow medications or vitamins stress free. Simply pour liquid into cup, place medication into spout and drink naturally. Dishwasher safe,

A regular cup rim to drink from with a recessed lid to regulate flow and reduce spills. A very safe lid which allows the normal drinking method favored by most people. Straw will fit in drinking hole.