Product # 16T148LID


Replacement lid for Sure-Grip Cup - 16T148. The Sure-Grip Cup comes with a spill resistant lid. If tipped over the valve in the lid ensures only a couple of drops will fall out. This feature makes it ideal for bed ridden persons wanting to drink comfortably while lying down in their bed. An excellent product for small children or individuals who are prone to spills. The ergonomical grooves provide a positive grip to reduce slipping through the fingers. The cup is easily washed at temperatures up to 130?C, and the strong polycarbonate construction ensures a long life for each cup. Microwave and dishwasher safe. 8oz (237ml).

May We Suggest

The convalescent cup has a lid with a mouth piece, which has a hole large enough to accommodate a straw. Opposite the mouth piece there is a small air inlet hole in the lid.

The spout can be used for drinking, a straw can be inserted, or the spout can be sucked like a straw and the air hole can be used to regulate the flow. Institutional dishwasher safe.

This crystal clear plastic mug has double handles to make drinking safer and easier for people with a weak grasp or tremor. The handles will accommodate four adult fingers and the lid has a drinking spout to prevent spills.