Product # 17S132


This belt will fit bathlifts and Combi chairs, as well as many other applications. This soft white webbing belt with white plastic buckle attaches to any chair back utilizing our aluminum adjustable belt anchor. Undo a bolt on the chair and use it to attach the belt ancor. Maximum length approximately 52 in (132 cm).

Product Description

May We Suggest

2" support belt for use in the bath with chairs, lifts or general support. White synthetic webbing with 2" plastic buckle.

A soft webbing belt 2" wide by 60" long (5 x 153cm) with a nylon side release buckle and two handle loops to assist the therapist when training patients to walk again

These padded belts will assist patient transfers with comfort, dignity and safety for both care giver and patient. The padded areas are lined with Bucktex for soft, breathable comfort. The pads are 5.5" wide (13 cm).

A soft webbing belt 2" wide by 55" (5 x 140cm) long with a metal loop at one end and Velcror at the other. Useful in assisting with transfers. Available in black seat belt webbing or white natural cotton webbing.