Product # 18C220A


Natural genuine sheepskins have proven to offer soothing relief and comfort for anyone who is bedridden or confined to a wheelchair. Use as an underlay beneath a sheet or place directly under the body, either on a bed or a chair. Lying on a sheep skin will relieve pressure points and increase circulation thereby reducing the development of bedsores. These medical sheepskins come from fine fleece Merino sheep in a natural animal shape, golden beige in colour. Medical sheepskins are hand selected, average 6-7 sq. ft. (0.6 sq. m) in size. Handwashable at low temperature. Airdry.

May We Suggest

This garment is designed to be as easy to put on as putting a blanket around the shoulders. The difference is that the wearer can feel fully dressed. It is so easy to put on and feels warm just where needed.

Parsons Fleece Armrests with Pouch will not only add fleecy comfort for your arms but also a storage space to boot! Pocket measures approximately 8? (20cm) across and is 6? (15cm) deep. Sold in pairs.