Product # 18H070-1


These small wedges are very handy for adding comfort to a variety of situations. They add a little extra support to your back or neck when seated in your favorite chair or your car. Place one on the floor for a foot rest. Use it as a support under your knees when lying on your back, or between the knees when lying on your side or arm support. Choose between a printed cotton cover or a synthetic fleece cover. The fleece cover gives a feeling of warmth and comfort. The fleece is washable, do not put in dryer, brush when dry to fluff it back up. Size: 11" x 11" x 3.5" high (26 x 26 x 9cm)


May We Suggest

Here are our popular bed wedges upholstered in attractive prints. They turn otherwise mundane white bedding into a decorator pillow. Patterns will vary. Cover is easily removed for laundering.

This Pillow is as comfortable and versatile as our regular size bone pillow 18H068. Filled with polyester fibre fill. Upholstered in attractive prints which vary in colour and design.

Facilitates easy shoe removal without bending over. Also keeps hands off dirty boots. Made of wear resistant plastic.For added help with lace up or tight shoes, we suggest a long shoe horn and elastic shoe laces.