Product # 19N021A


Protect bed linens, mattresses and other surfaces from moisture and staining. Absorb Dry pad offers soft brushed polyester against the skin with 10oz polyrayon soaker for maximum absorbancy. Outer waterproof layer is vinyl backed polyester. Machine washable, tumble dry. Size: 33" x 33" (84 x84cm).

May We Suggest

The bed blanket support eliminates the weight of blankets on feet and ankles. Tucks easily under the mattress. Strong tubular, one piece steel frame 3/4" (2cm) diameter. Durable white epoxy finish.

The handles on this bed pad help to turn patients in bed. Waterproof under layer, topped with absorbant top, offers soft cotton against the skin with polyrayon soaker for maximum absorbancy.

Designed to reduce the risk of pressure sores, bumps and bruises for the bed ridden patient. These pads are made of 1 inch (2.54 cm) thick flame retardant foam, covered in anti-microbial, flame retardant vinyl.

Top quality hot water bottle to fit in hot water bottle cover (16B128).