Product # 14S004


Two large cuffs of quilted cloth, with an adjustable neck strap with padded area constructed of Borg fleece provides maximum comfort for persons who have experienced a cerebral vascular accident. Easy to apply or remove without assistance. Fits either arm. Washable.

May We Suggest

Women of all ages with upper limb restrictions may find it difficult to put on a brassiere independently. The simple-to-use Bra-Angel holds one end of the brassiere securely while the other end is brought around the body.

Button Hooks enable those with poor dexterity or the use of only one hand to do up buttons. This combo model with a zipper pull uses our Featherlite handle. The small button hook is ideal for buttoning blouses and shirts.

Manufactured of soft and durable Bucktex to ensure breathablecomfort. Fits either arm and fully djustable to fit most wearers.Strap adjusts from 33" to 38" (84 to 96.5cm) in length.

An inexpensive range of motion exerciser. Easily mounted onto door tops and has rubber feet to protect door surfaces when pulley is being used. Two comfortable handles and 8 ft (2.4m) length of braided rope.