Product # AA8056Y

HANDI-REACHER - LONG, 30 in (76 cm)

Adds inches to arm length, so picking up objects doesn't have to include stretching and bending. Ideal for people with limited hand strength-lightweight reacher features an ergonomically designed trigger that is operated with the whole hand, requiring less strength than traditional 2-finger triggers Economical yet durable reacher. Constructed with wire-driven jaws, eliminating a string that can stretch and break. Lightweight frame resists twisting and bending when picking up heavier objects. Short trigger distance is ideal for people with stiff hands. Slip-resistant jaws can pick up even extremely small items. Includes a magnet for picking up metal objects. Includes a hook that aids with dressing.

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Button Hooks enable those with poor dexterity or the use of only one hand to do up buttons. This combo model with a zipper pull uses our Featherlite handle. The small button hook is ideal for buttoning blouses and shirts.

Kit includes: one 32" (80cm) reacher, one 27" (67cm) dressing stick, one 22" (55cm) long handle bath sponge, one 24" (60cm) long metal shoe horn (with easy grip handle), one rigid sock aid and two pairs shoe laces. shoe

A deluxe shoe horn with a telescopic Twist and Lock System to extend this aid from 23 to 36 inches (59 to 92 cm) in length. No more bending in order to make your daily activities a little easier.

A simple and practical way to lift a leg onto a bed or a wheelchair foot rest. A 35" (89cm) long strap with a loop at each end. One loop is placed over the wrist and the other end is placed over the foot or cast.