Product # 16K030A


These scissors are easy to use simply requiring a pushing down action on the “T” shaped handle. The spring will automatically reopen the scissors once the pressure is released. Blade guards are included for storage. Left or right handed use. Can be used either maintaining the paper in a fixed position and “scooting” the scissors along with each cutting action; or by keeping the scissors stable (a Dycem mat can help with this) and moving the paper towards the scissors.

Features and advantages:

Discreet Spring: The spring automatically reopens the scissors after every cut

Large “T” shaped handles: Designed for use on a table-top to give good stability and leverage.

High quality stainless steel blade: Provides longevity and cuts through paper with ease.

Blade guard: Fixes over the blades to provide safe storage

Zip Case: Attractive and handy for storing other small items such as pencil grips. Keeps the scissors safe when not in use.

According to the manufacturer in the UK, Occupational Therapists have found this product good for ...

Weak hand and/or arm strength * Poor motor control * Tremors * Joint protection in conditions like Arthritis * Cost effective table top scissor * Those with poor strength able to access & carry the scissor independently.

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