Product # 16C026TR

2pc PLASTIC BUCKLE SEAT BELT with Tri-Glide - 48 in

All of our positioning belts are made of 2" (5cm) wide, black seat belt webbing. Grommet ends are secured by removing a screw or bolt on the back of the chair and refastening it back through the grommet. Total length of belt is 48 in (122 cm).

May We Suggest

A one piece Velcro safety strap made of 2" (5cm) wide seat belt webbing by 60" (152cm) long, to wrap around the chair.

This two piece 48" (122cm) positioning strap with automotive buckle has mounting grommets in the ends of the straps. The belt can be installed by removing a screw on the back of the chair.

This garment is designed to be as easy to put on as putting a blanket around the shoulders. The difference is that the wearer can feel fully dressed. It is so easy to put on and feels warm just where needed.